Copal Incense

Copal Incense benefits: Copal incense Is about purification, Spiritual connection, Spiritual cleansing and protection.

What are the benefits of Copal incense?

Copal incense is an incense that used to be sacred and used widely in the Mayan tradition. Until today the Copal incense is still a tradition in latino America (that was spread all over the world) especially in Mexico. It is a natural incense that is extracted from a tree.

The use of the Copal incense hasn’t really changed thought the centuries. It is a very very old tradition we got from our ancestors. Let’s see now why using a copal incense in your meditations or in your ritual works could be beneficial.

Copal incense Is about purification!

The copal incense is well known for its purification aspects. It is believed that this incense purifies the mind and the spirit. If you are feeling tired, drained or even heavy psychically, burn some copal incense all around your house while keeping the window or the door open. This incense is it said to purify your space from any negative energies or any residual energies from past people or past events.

Copal incense Is about Spiritual connection!

Copal is also about spiritual connection. This incense was used in the past traditions to help people getting in contact with their ancestors or to feel closer to the gods and and goddesses or any spiritual guide. It is a very good incense for feeling close to the unseen world. Use can use this incense, if you want to get in touch with your ancestors or if you are asking for guidance.

Copal incense Is about Spiritual Cleansing!

In addition to the physical cleansing Opal incense helps us with, Copal may be the solution for the spiritual cleansing. Are you feeling as if your crown chakra is blocked? Are you feeling blocked and drained spiritually? Do you feel that there is a layer blocking your connection with the unseen world. I would suggest to sit and meditate while burning copal incense. It helps getting rid of al the energies that blocking your connection to the gods and goddesses. Again, these tricks are not magical tricks, so if you do them, try doing them frequently. Everything is a learning process, everything evolves… Nothing comes or shows up after one meditation.

Copal incense Is about Protection!

Copal incense is about protection as well! While burning some copal incense in the room, try imagining and visualising the cleansing process, don’t forget to breathe and to have one of the windows open. After a while, when you feel that your space ic cleansed enough for you, visualise a protective energy surrounding your space not letting anything undesirable to enter.

Copal incense moves energy blockages!

One of the main two chakras the Copal incense work on are the crown chakra and the third eye chakra. Copal incense is all about moving energies and cleansing energies. One of the best techniques of clearing these blockages is to first cleanse your house and then to sit and meditate while letting the copal incense burn. You will feel where your energy is blocked and how to work on it. If I have to give one advice on this, I would suggest not struggle with your thoughts or whatever ideas come to your head while meditating with Copal, just contemplate… You are gonna notice little by little how Copal incense will bring on brighter outlook to your life.

Cleansing your crystals with copal smoke!

There are so so many ays to cleanse your crystals and stones and even everything else you feel that you need to cleanse from other people’s energies. One of these ways is to burn some Copal on a charcoal and then use this smoke as cleanser. Hold your crystals for 3 seconds above the smoke while visualising the cleaning process.

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