How to meditate with crystals

How to meditate with crystals. What is meditation? Mediation is about focus and about spiritual awakening.

What is meditation?

Mediation is the mental exercice that evolves relaxation, focus, stillness, awareness according to Giovanni Dienstmann the author of practical mediation.

Relaxation: flexibility is to physical exercise

Awareness is like cardio is to physical exercise

Focus is what Strength training is to physical exercise.

Stillness: is the opposite though equivalent of the mouvement in physical exercise.

Meditation is about focus!

Different school of thoughts, different societies and different religions have their opinion on mediation. Some of them practise meditation even without knowing that it is meditation. We could call it many things but the process is the same. Meditation is first of all is disconnecting for short (or longer) period of times to focus on higher emotions and energies. It si the fact of disconnecting from our present outer mundane world and focus on something higher than our daily life. This definition is a bit spiritual. But for the none-spiritual people and schools, meditation is the fact of training the mind to be able to master our focus and our thoughts, surely to live better. These are two abstract points of view about the perception of meditation. There is plenty of others, but we will limit the general introduction to these two opinions.

Meditation is about spiritual awakening!

Meditation is a method of spiritual awakening, it a method of purification of the mind, it is method of overcoming suffering and expanding your awareness. Meditation is here to help us evolve as humans. Most of us have stressful lives, between our family, work, society, time managing, team managing, deadline, responsibilities… It is a never-ending process. Meditation is here to help us in our daily life to pause for 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 min or even more depending on how much time we have. The people who meditate try to attain a high level of mindfulness which means the state of disconnecting and detaching from our mundane life and thoughts. The more you practise, the fastest attaining this state becomes.

It is mindfulness process!

The first basic steps of meditation are simple: close your eyes and breathe in and out many times slowly. Breathe slowly thought the nose counting till 3 and then out letting out all the negativity thought the mouth. Try to ficus on the the getting into your body and let out all the negativity. Try repeating this process until you get focused only on your breathing. Little by little, you will detach and disconnect from your material reality. To help this mindfulness process, try closing your eyes and only focus on your breathing. Little by little, this process will become a habit and you will start learning to disconnect faster from your present reality calming your mind and your thoughts.

Best crystals for meditation

1- Lapis Lazuli: Love, Intuition, Inner truth, Inner power, Power, Decisions, Positive magic, Self-confidence. 

2- Amethyst: Feminine energy, Psychic abilities, Inner peace and healing, Positive transformation, Meditation, Balance, Relieves stress & Communication.

3- Aventurine: Balancing, Energising, Abundance, Growth, Healing and comforting, Healers’ stone

4- Black Tourmaline: Protection, Grounding, Redue Electromagnetic vibrations, Reduce low vibrations, absorbs negativity, Good luck, Happiness.

5- Mookaite: grounding, spirituality, ancestral power, Healing the body, reduces anxieties and fears of the future, boosts intuition for major decisions

6- Citrine: Prosperity, Generosity, Creativity, Protection, Confidence, Energy, Comfort, Success, Truth, Goodness, Warmth, Spiritual growth.

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