Law of attraction and money

Law of attraction and money

Law of attraction and money

Let’s talk today about the Law of attraction and money. 

This subject is so wide and delicate and where most people have blockages… 

We cannot talk about money and the law of attraction without asking people to honestly look at their thoughts. How do you feel when you think about money? How do you feel each time you spend money? When and how do you think about money? Are your thoughts positive? Are your thoughts negative? Do you feel that you have limited amounts of resources? 

Take a moment to write down how you feel about money. 

It’s not your own perspective on money

Everything you know about money is not your own perspective on money. It is usually our parents’ opinion about it (and the people around us). Do you recall your family members saying that there is not enough money? Do you recall feeling hate towards people with money? All of these opinions and perspectives are not yours. These are ideas we have received without any resistance because we were little and we couldn’t understand the world around us. 

Abundance around us

To start I have a list of questions to ask you : 

  • Think about the abundance of food and water around you. Until now, you have always had enough food? Enough water? 
  • Think about your phone, your internet browser… We are surrounded by unlimited internet everywhere. 
  • Think about transportation. Most of the time, you are getting where you want to get. 
  • Thank the sunrise and sunset… Have you ever missed one of them? 

We have been surrounded by many faces of good abundance around us since day 1 but we take these phenomena for granted. Take a second to look at all of the positivity and good abundance around you. All resources are unlimited including money. Repeat after me, all resources are unlimited. Money is unlimited. You can create whatever you want, whenever you want, and whoever you want. 

We are going through hard times… I keep hearing this sentence around me. I don’t want to believe it because even in hard times people made fortunes. Think about it. During all times, of all ages, people have made fortune. So the reason for someone to stay poor and to keep having poor reflections is not that we are going through hard times. It is because they want a reason to believe. Maybe it is more comfortable to keep saying that we are going through hard times… rather than trying to work on ourselves and change thy perception about how we see the world around us and our perspective about money. 

Think about the ideas we talked about in this first blog about the Law of attraction and money. 

Stay tuned for the rest 🙂



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