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In this blog, we will talk about how to build a crystal grid, which components to choose and how to activate it.

How to setup a grid and how to activate a crystal grid?

Let’s start talking about the grid components.

– Center stone: it is the basic foundation of your intention and of your altar. It is the main and most important piece of puzzle. It is the broadcaster of your main intention. So be careful what which center stone you are using. For each and every intention try to make a new grid. I wouldn’t advise to mix many intentions in the sale grid. The energy of the main grid then will be dispatched on many levels and the energies of the crystals will work less. So again, focus on 1 intention and then don’t try to use all the crystals that you have related to this intention.

For exemple, if you are using crystals for protection: I would advise to use more than 2-3 different crystals that correspond to protection. Let’s say, I would use Tiger’s Eye, Black Tourmaline and Citrine. Or I would use Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian and Amethyst.

One last things about the center stone, try to have it bigger than the surround stones. Try to use like a tower point as your center stone or a big piece of raw crystal.

Get Amethyst Tower Point

– Surrounding stones: are the stones that will surround your center stone. These stones will help amplifying the energies of the main stone. So you may have to choose another stone that goes well with the first one. As I said before, for example, if you are working with a big fluorite tower point as a center stone. You can use small polished fluorite stone to accompany your main stone.

Note that most of the practitioners and healers use clear quartz as the third crystal just because clear quarts amplify any energy! How cool is that! Clear quartz lasers are the best. In addition to this, most of the people use Clear Quartz lasers to circle up the energy of the grid and to amplify the energy in a circular way around the main stone, which means around my intention.

Again, Crystals and energies are something individual and personal. Whatever you feel adding to your crystal grid won’t affect a lot your work. Intuition and personalising our grids is an important things as well. So if you feel adding a third or fourth crystal into your grid… go ahead. Just make sure it won’t be as big or as powerful as your center energy.

Some healers say that it is important for them for their grid to be symmetrical. Which means if you place a clear quartz on the right, then you have to place another one on the left… For some healers balancing the energy around the center stone is something important. Personally, I create my grid based on my intuition and feelings… Because remember it is yours 😉

Another thing to think about, the placement of your crystal grid. Preferably your crystal grid should be place in a safe place. If you have a sacred place where you put all of your crystals and grids that would be amazing. I wouldn’t recommend at all creating the grid in a place where you receive guests or in a place where people will look at it and would like to touch it. I don’t either recommend creating your crystal grid in a place where you children or pets will easily be able to touch and mess with. Remember it is sacred and it is working for you. And don’t forget to cleanse the place before creating the grid.

The last step for creating the crystal grid is the activation. You can activate it with your personal crystal wand, if you have one. The activation tool have to be a natural crystal with a taper point on the end so it is directing energy outwards. We are gonna hold this tool with our hand and direct our intention towards our center stone. It is like projecting your intention into your grid. Before activating your crystal grid think about an affirmation or a small phrase that resumes your intention. Point your wand at the center stone and visualise energy going out of your body projecting into your center stone. And then with your wand connect energetically all the stones within your grid. There is no one right way to connect your crystals. You can do it as if you are cutting a piece of pie. You start at the center point, you move your wand to the another small crystal and then bring back your wand to the moon stone… Do the same for all of the stones.

In this blog, we talked about how to build a crystal grid, which components to choose and how to activate it.

Notes to keep in mind about building a crystal grid

  1. Choose your Center Stone
  2. Choose your Surrounding Stones
  3. Make sure to choose the perfect stones for the perfect intention
  4. Use clear quartz
  5. Set your intention
  6. Activate it
  7. Choose a safe and sacred place for your grid

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