Law of attraction subjective control and imagination

Law of attraction Subjective control and imagination

Law of attraction: Subjective control and imagination.

Let’s acknowledge that everyone and everything in life has a frequency. There is a certain frequency for success, for money… There are people with good energy and people that feel weird when you are around them…


One of the methods that most people use to start changing their reality is the simple technique of the Autosuggestion. Autosuggestion is about suggesting things for ourselves by ourselves. This technique is based on our higher faculty of imagination

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Let’s start with a small exercise

Write your goal every day 50 times a day. Your mind will go right where you want to go. After writing this goal day after day, your thoughts and mind will start taking you to new places… New ideas will come to your mind…  We should be careful and don’t let the outside control our attitude. 

Don’t let the outside control your emotions. Don’t let what it is right now control what will be, your future reality. When this happens, stop yourself immediately. 

Emotions and paradigms

What typically happens is the following: The same results bring us the same feelings and same thinking. Same feelings and same thinking bring us the same results. It is a loop. Stop being emotionally involved with the outside, this is rule number 1. The true power is going beyond.. beyond what it is, using our imagination. You have to make this decision. No one can make the decision on your behalf. You have to accept a new reality. You have to imagine a new reality, you have to think of a new reality. News Feelings are gonna cause new actions.. new habits… new paradigms.

Think from the end and subjective control

You have to think from the end. You have to think like the person you want to become. You have to act with a subjective control. Don’t allow the results to control us. Now you are working from your facilities. 

There are 3 types of goals:

  • The goal really you have done before. The goal is 100, you know how to do it. No growth. 
  • The goal you think you can do. Of you can do a couple of other things you can do it.
  • Stretch goal, this is what want. I want to turn my annual income into a monthly income. It is possible because other people have done it before 

Double your goal, now. Go for a stretch goal. Accept that idea in your mind. Don’t worry about how you are gonna do it. Our mind is constantly working… As soon as you stretch your mind you won’t go back to where you were. Go after what you want. 

Enter the spirit of your goal

We have to enter the spirit of the goal. You are getting to the cause of your desire. Start as if it is already here. When you are in the spirit, you are focusing on how you can, on how from an answer stage. You are focusing on how I can raise my standard. It is a new frequency. This is where you start drawing to you everything to fulfill your desire. 

Think about your goal. 

The great secret is a controlled imagination and well-sustained attention firmly repeatedly according to Neville. This means I am using my imagination. My focus is really strong. I do things repeatedly and I/We have the attitude and discipline of that person and image of that person. 

Image of that person you want to become. What do they think? It becomes part of you. Keep thinking from the end. Did I act like the person who would have achieved that goal today? Attitude? Activities? Standard? Find out the truth to know where to go for the next day. 

You don’t need to be perfect but your intent needs to be perfect. Don’t give up.



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