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Each Stone and Crystal is a connection to an emotion, to a certain people, to a past, to a future, to a certain knowledge, feeling, hope, dream… reality. 

Learn and discover everything you need to know about  stones, crystals, and essentials oils.

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Law of Attraction

Self-Image (1)

Ideas are Changed, Not by ‘Will’, But by other Ideas. How ideas about ourselves are changed? What is the common mistake people usually do?

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Creative Imagination
Law of Attraction

Creative Imagination (1)

What is creative imagination? How do we use our creative imagination and project it to the others and to us? And how by projecting it, this becomes our truth?

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Selenite: Serenity, Purification, Peace, Meditation, Universal consciousness, Clarity of thought, Purity of heart, Universal love, Integrity, Spirituality, Psychic development, Forgiveness & Positive thoughts.

Celestine Raw

Celestine Raw: Communication, Angelic presence, Divine guidance, Protection & Healing.

Lapis Lazuli Stones

Lapis Lazuli Stones: Love, Intuition, Inner truth, Inner power, Power, Decisions, Positive magic, Self-confidence.

2 Lapis Lazuli cubes.