Black Tourmalinated Quartz Meaning and Properties

Black Tourmalinated Quartz Meaning and Properties: Clearing negative energy, Grounding, Protection, Clearing aura, Helps us detaching , Emotional Balance

Tourmalinated Quartz: The stone of clearing out all negativities.

Tourmaline quartz also called Tourmalinated Quartz

As simple as it may sound, this stone is the mix of quartz and tourmaline.

Tourmaline Quartz clears out all the negative energy!

It is an amazing stone for clearing out all the negative energies that you feel inside of you or in a specific place. This stone has the power for to clear and repulse negativities due to the tourmaline in it but which is more interesting that this chasing the negativity energy is already amplified by the quartz contained in it. So it is like doubling or even quadrupling the effect of the black tourmaline. In addition to this amplifying effect, the clear quartz comes here and play another role in the energies; it is the role of clearing out the negativities around you or within you. So it is not only about keeping away the unwanted energy but it is also about clearing out the unwanted energy and make it vanish though the grounding process or the other processes.

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Stressful time? Tourmalinated Quartz is a stone for Grounding!

The second most important feature of this stone is the grounding effect. It is a very good stone for what we call mindfulness and stillness. If we know how to meditate well with the stone, though there is no right or wrong ways for meditating. I am just saying if we attain this high level of meditating with this stone and connect well with it, this stone will ground us and makes us still feeling safe and protected. Try to connect this stone and feel its unblocking energies for your Root Chakra. It is a very good for working on our root chakra. If you feel that you need to meditate and unlock or activate some aspects of you root chakra, Tourmaline stone is an amazing stone for it. It has the clearing energy that amplifies the deep root connecting energy to our mother earth and to to our own potential. Quartz amplify the purification and protective properties of black tourmaline as well as acting as its own clearer and purifier of energy

Working in a heavy environment? Try Tourmalinated Quartz!

Do you work in a very stressful and heavy environment? Try wearing constantly Tourmalinated Quartz to help you going through your days. This is a very good stone that will be working for your favour trying to ease the environment that surrounds you. This stone is not going to push the stress away or is not going to make your colleagues love you, or it is not gonna make the boss love you and give your days off. Instead this stone, will be working constantly on clearing the negativities around you and wishing you, while amplifying the grounding process so that you won’t be stuck with negative thoughts all days long, which will produce more negative thoughts. And remember it is process… Well there are miracles that could happen.. but most of the times it is a process, conscious and unconscious.. So don’t stop wearing or carrying this stone if you don’t feel a radical change from day 1. It is the journey that matters not the destination.

Tourmalinated Quartz for protection and clearing the aura!

It is a very good stone for proaction and clearing the aura especially at night. When you go to bed, please a piece of this stone under your pillow or at the top of your head and let its magic work. During the sleep is when we are the most vulnerable, so placing a piece of Tourmalinated Quartz next to us or better under our pillow is very effective. During your sleep this stone will wash all the negativity of the whole day and will protect your aura from any unwanted energies.

Dont forget the clear and charge this stone! Even thought a lot people believe that black tourmaline and quartz clear themselves. Thought, I would always suggest to clear and charge all of your stones.

In few words Tourmaline Quartz’s Eye is about:

  • Clearing negative energy
  • Grounding
  • Protection
  • Clearing aura
  • Helps us detaching 
  • Emotional Balance

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