Pink Opal Meaning and Properties

Pink Opal Meaning and Properties: Heart opening, Comfort and love, Protection, Saying the truth, A stone for children, Emotional Balance

Pink Opal: The Stone of Resolution

Pink Opal, a heart opening crystal!

This stone is a very good stone for the Heart chakra. I would totally recommend this stone for the people who feel that their heart chakra is blocked. Wearing this stone in a pendant is a very good way of aligning the frequencies of this stone to the frequency of our heart. It a stone of love. It spread love and living energy wherever we put it. However, if you are using this stone to heal, it is is so important to wear it for sometime and to meditate with it every morning. It is a very safe stone for all the family member. The energies of this stone helps us love ourselves to be able to love the others.

Pink Opal, a crystal of confort and love!

For sure and as its color indicates, Pink Opal is the stone of love. It is all about love and comfort. Feeling and spreading love and confort. If you don’t want to wear stone for work, try using its energies at night when you come back home. Another way of using this stone is to work with it during the weekends. Sit with this stone on a Saturday morning while drinking your coffee and see how much comfort this stone will give you to spend a beautiful, calm and smooth weekend.

Pink Opal, a crystal of protection!

You might be surprised but Pink Opal is a very good crystal for protection, Whenever you feel that you need an extra amount of protective energy in your day, wear this stone. It helps you balancing the good and the bad and creates around you this protective comfortable energy.

Pink Opal, a stone of truth!

Do you feel that you are being harsh on your friends? Family members? Or colleagues? Do you feel that you want to keep saying the truth, but you want to say it in a loving and proper way. Pink Opal could be the solution. It is a very good stone for saying the truth. Clearing up all these residual energies in the heart chakra and the throat chakra. It is a stone that helps us express ourselves through the conversation. But what’s more important is that this stone helps us express ourselves in a very friendly and loving way. Again, wearing this stone as a pendant for work or in your social life is a very good start. You are gonna notice the difference!

Pink Opal, a crystal fro children!

This is a very good stone for children as well. I always get this question from parents that would live to use the stone’s energies with in their homes and with their children. Pink Opal is a very good stone for children. If you feel that our child needs special attention or extra amounts of love, all you have to do is to offer her/him a pink opal pendant. Especially, if you feel that your child is getting bullied or is starting to hate parts of himself or herself, this stone could be a very useful in bringing back the loving and positive energies to his/her life. This stones works calmly. It is not an agressive stone.

Pinks Opal, it balances negativity and fear!

Are you feeling a bit negative recently? Or are feeling fearful? Pink Opal is a very good stone for balancing these negative and fearful energies that we get. These energies may not always come from us. These could be energies that other people would have protected on us unconsciously. Pink Opal is here to help you balance these energies and help you feeling loved and comfortable where you are at this moment, at this place.

In few words Red Tiger’s Eye is about:

  • Heart opening
  • Comfort and love
  • Protection
  • Saying the truth
  • A stone for children
  • Emotional Balance

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