Black Rutilated Quartz Tower Point


Black Rutilated Quartz Tower Point: Protection, Determination, Self-control, Strength of will, self-reliance & Firmness.


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Black Rutilated Quartz has the ability to store and transform the energy present in the universe, making it converge in the aura, enhancing its life force and reinforcing the weak points of the auric field.

He works by channeling and conveying the highest and most subtle cosmic energies on the material plane. Its vibrational frequency is so high, to be able to illuminate and purify every aspect of shadow, dissolving negativity and emotional blocks. The use can be made in the form of single crystal, group of crystals, druse and essence.

It can be used either alone or in association with other stones, as it has the ability to enhance its action. It is an excellent meditation companion it facilitates access and communication with the higher worlds, bringing peace and clarity.

Chakras – All Chakras
Zodiac (Clear Quartz) – All birthsigns
Zodiac (Rutile) – Gemini, Taurus
Element – Air, Fire
Typical colors – Clear with golden brown, reddish, or black strands of rutile


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