How to Meditate with crystals

How to meditate with crystals? This article talks about the first steps for mindfulness meditation.

How to mediate with crystals?

Most of us don’t find time in our busy life to meditate. Or even if we have time to meditate, we will still keep thinking about our work, children, finance…

Let’s start with setting up the space… To being, I would suggest meditating in a quiet place. If you have a sacred place where you won’t be bothered by or directed by your pet or your partner, that would be great. If not, try to create a small corner in your home where you put your candles, sage sticks, and crystals.

Before you start your meditation, try to light some candles or tree candles, sage, and cleanse your space (if you haven’t’ done it before). Don’t forget as well to cleanse yourself. This will help you to disconnect from any energies that you have accumulated without knowing from the external environment. Cleanse your body, your eyes, your mouth, your hair, your arms… give thanks to the universe, spirits, anything you believe in.

Get your crystals

Don’t forget as well to cleanse your crystals, especially if other people see them and touche them. You don’t want their energy to sit with you and be with you.

Before you start your meditation, give thanks to the universe and if you feel that you have intentions to say or to set. Take a minute to say your intentions out loud or if you prefer to write them down.

Repeat your affirmation as much as you can… at least 3 times.

An example of an affirmation:

“I am so happy and grateful for the abundance in all areas in my life”

First of all, close your eyes and breathe deeply…

Mediate on the one idea you want to manifest more in your life today…

You want more happiness, more abundance, a better job, more self-confidence, a better relationship, better health…

It is ok to be distracted by other thoughts… Step by step, day after day, your meditation skills will get better. Don’t get frustrated at the beginning if you feel that you are thinking about many things at the same time. Do not stress… the key is to contemplate your thoughts and don’t fight them. This worked for me.

In the beginning, and to be honest, it still happens o me sometimes when I have a lot on my plate… I contemplate the thought that I don’t want to focus on and then little by little, these thoughts start to vanish. Again, the key is not to get frustrated by them.

After setting up your intention in your mind, and after working well on steady respiration, now it is up to you to define the best way to continue your meditation.

What works for me is ‘imagination’. I start imagining what it would be when my intention will be fulfilled. How it will happen and how I am going to feel when I will be living my intention. in other words, live your intention in your imagination.

If you are seeking more self-confidence in public, most probably you will imagine yourself talking to many people out in society and making a lot of social interaction…

Again, remember, the key to manifestation and magic is ‘baby steps’. After your meditation, you won’t immediately go and give the most successful lecture in front of 1000 people. If you are working on your self-confidence or anything else… it will come little by little. Even though sometimes, yes, big miracles can happen!

Imagine and feel you intention… Imagine the feeling, feel it!

If you want to get healthier, imagine yourself fully healthy. Imagine yourself doing something that you can’t do right now. What would it feel like?

It doesn’t matter if you meditate only for 5 min, the most important thing is to do it on a regular basis. Whenever you feel better, you feel that it is time to stop your meditation, then go ahead and give thanks to the universe and stop the meditation.

Gratefulness is the last step of mediation.

Please do not leave your meditation with a least few words of gratefulness for the universe, god, your ancestors, your spiritual guides, or to the positive energies…

Enjoy your meditation!

To read more about crystals, you can click on the following link to discover how to make your crystal grid.



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