Peach Moonstone Meaning and Properties

Peach Moonstone meaning and properties. Moonstone dissolve tensions and frustrations while transforming them into balanced energy.

Let’s discover Peach Moonstone

Most of the pink stones are associated with sweet and loving energy, so is the moonstone. It soothes the energy and makes it sweeter. Moonstone dissolve tensions and frustrations while transforming them into balanced energy.

Peach Moonstone: it is about sensitivity

This stone is all about emotional sensitivity. If you are going thought a period of time where you feel sensitive: sensitive with your family members, with your coworkers or even with your friends … Moonstone is the best stone to carry to help calm down these emotions of over sensibility.

Peach Moonstone is about femininity

Moonstone holds a feminine energy. Since it soothes over sensitivity, most ladies use this stone to help them while their period. some of the ladies gets overly emotionally sensitive during their period, this is a very good stone to help you feel strong physically helping reaching this sensibility. It is all about how we perceive the others’ energies and how we react to it. Moonstone is here to help us calm down the energy and to help us not over react towards things that may irritate us. Moonstone works on the emotions of irritably, anger and sadness.

Peach Moonstone is about emotional equilibrium

This is stone is all about restoring the emotional equilibrium we need in our daily life. Again, it is not easy to keep our emotional and physical equilibrium all the time, especially when our perception of things isn’t objective and clear. This is why, it is important for us sometimes to use external energies such as the stones’s energies to help us change our energies.

Moonstone is also for men!

Even thought most men and our societies try not to talk bout hormonal cycle that men go though, scientifically the cycle exist. Men may go through the same symptoms that women endure during their hormonal cycle: sadness, anger, grumpiness and irritability. This stone helps women and men as well. Frustration may show up as well during these cycles. Moonstone is here to help. Moonstone will take all of these negative emotions and soothe them, transforming them into sweet energy or at least diminish them.

Moonstone is about self worth and self image

This stone is here to help us seeing the beautiful things in us as well. It is about self image and self worth. It also helps us if we have body issues. So if you obsess about some body parts that you are not happy with, Moonstone will help you heal these unpleasant feelings. This stone will teach you as well to love your body and to appreciate your beauty!

Peach moonstone is here to help people going through depression. Ideally, I would suggest using your stones everyday to help you not to get to this point. There is stones for each and every emotion and there is stones for each and every intention. I would suggest start working with stones even before getting to the stage of depression. Though if you feel depressed, I would suggest buying pinky stones such as peach moonstone and putting them out in your apartment everywhere where you can frequently see them. Once a day, preferably before going to sleep, sit in a quiet place and mediate with your peach moonstone and give release to all of your negative thoughts. The most important thing is to let go of these negative emotions letting them to the universe by transferring them to the stone.

I would suggest as well, placing our peach moonstone next to a window, where they can see the sunlight and during the moon cycles they can absorb the moon’s energy.

It is all about joy and happiness… Peach moonstone conforts you. Even when you have a stressful day, at night, go ahead and hold a piece of peach moonstone. It will shift your vibrations and makes you smile again. Don’t forget to breathe deeply while holding the stone.

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