Tree Agate Meaning and Properties

Tree Agate Meaning and Properties. It is a stone about abundance, calming, releasing negative emotions and anxieties. It is about grounding and healing.

Tree Agate Meaning and Properties

It is a white and green stone. The green color in this stone reminds us of mother earth. When I see green, I see abundance and nature.

Tree agate attracts abundance!

There is a lot of crystals that attracts abundance. You just have to see which one of them resonates with you the most. A lot of artists use agate… so it could be the best choice for people working in the art field. The green part o the stone represents growth and development.  Tree agate, is like the tree we see in nature. It is all about growing and flourishing. In addition to abundance, this stone is also about plentitude.

Let’s stop and think about abundance for a second. Abundance isn’t only about money. Abundance could be about abundant health, abundant relationships, abundance in projects, abundance in food, abundance in many and many sectors of life and as well, abundance in money. But it is not only about money. So when you want to attract abundance and plentitude, tree agate is a very good stone for you to use. It depends on your intention you set, or intentions you set, tree agate is here to help.

Tree agate helps us live the present moment!

Since it is very good grounding stone, tree agate helps us connect to the present moment. If you live in your past or in your future, if you can’t control your thoughts sometimes, hold for few seconds a tree agate. I tend to be someone, who lives a lot in his head and in his thoughts, tree agate is a very good stone to bring me back here. It reminds me of the power of the now, of the present moment. This could be beneficial as well to people who has lost their connection with the present moment after an accident or after living a trauma… Tree agate will ground them each time they will hold it and it will bring them back to the beauty of the present.

Tree agate is a calming stone!

It is! Tree agate is knowing to be a calming stone. I would suggest to be barefoot when you hold the stone and let your chakras be aligned. Get outside if you can, breathe deeply, 3 to 4 times and let the energy of the tree agate take whoever it wants to. This stone will reassure you that everything is ok and that abundance is actually here. You don’t have to worry about the how. It comes from your inside. You d’ont have to worry about the past nor the future. You will have everything you need everyday… just like the tree.

Tree agate helps connect to earth!

If you want to strengthen your connection with earth or if it has been long time you lost your real connection to mother nature. Tree agate is the best way to start healing. Go outside and meditate with your tree agate. You can use tree agate as well to heal nature. And yes, heal nature. Tree agate’s energies resonates a lot with the earth’s energies. Tree agate can be beneficial for us and for the plants.

Tree agate helps releasing and disconnecting!

Tree agate is a very good stone that helps us releasing a certain energy we are attached to. If you are getting anxious about a certain emotion or having difficulties detaching from a certain emotion, Tree agate is here to help. It helps us release any sort of emotions into the earth. It gives us relief!

Tree agate to wear if you are going through an emergency!

If you are going through some though times and if you feel that you are living in a transitioning period and an emergency period, please get a piece of Tree agate and keep it next to you. Tree agate will reassure you and will confort you. Everything is going to be okay!

In few words Tree agate is about:

  • Abundance
  • Grounding
  • Calming
  • Healing
  • Releasing emotions and anxieties
  • Living in the present moment

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