Ocean Jasper Meaning and Properties

Ocean Jasper Meaning and Properties: Nurturing energy, Allowing, Balance, Patience, Emotional Healing

A Soft and nurturing energy!

Ocean jasper is a soothing and calming energy to us, but most importantly as well is its influence on our behaviour. It makes us softer and kinder towards the other. Whenever you feel in lack of empathy toward other people or you feel that you have been harsh on the other, Ocean Jasper is the perfect match.

It is a nurturing stone!

Ocean jasper is a nurturing stone that helps us nurture and love ourselves. Its energies help us be softer on ourselves especially in periods where we are overwhelmed by Zork or by any other intense rythme. Since Ocean Jasper helps us be softer with ourselves, this means that will reflect this softness outwards and we will be start using this softened kind emotions with the others as well.

It is a stone of allowing!

Ocean Jasper allows us to stop struggling with our environment and let things come without negative emotions attached to them. Since it makes us softer, it helps us stop stressing about things we are asking for or get too detached to things we are asking for. Ocean Jasper is here to help us allow things into our space and our living. Remember, don’t get too detached to the things you are asking for… maybe there is better things to come you can’t see right now. Trust the universe and trust your intuition. Ocean jasper, with its soothing ocean energy, helps us allow with less resistance.

Dont pressure people or things !

Ocean Jasper is here to help us reconnect with our own self though gratefulness. Dont pressure nor stress the people around you and don’t force the things or the circumstance around you. Be grateful for what you have and meditate with Ocean Jasper. It could be a very good way to start once day or to end it. Most of us don’t master the art of allowance because we are too much attached to the physical material things that we see/touch and experience in our daily life. Believe that there are things that are coming your way, but you can’t see them now… allow your energy to feel it…

It is a stone for patience!

For all my impatient folks! Ocean jasper will help you feel patient. Especially during these uncertain times, I feel more and more of my friends and the people I know are getting impatient about things they are trying to manifest or asking. Hold a piece of ocean jasper and again trust the universe. You will get whatever you are asking for at the right time and at the right place. Again, what if there is something better waiting for you?

It is a stone for balance!

If you are going through some busy period or an overwhelming period and you need to take some time for yourself to help you recenter yourself, this stone is one of the best. Ocean jasper will help you slowing down and trying to find new balance at that time.

An excellent stone for emotional healing!

Ocean jasper is a very good stone for healing. You can start using it at the beginning of your healing journey to start checking in with your emotions and specially all of our repressed emotions. In order to heal, you need to go and search for all of our repressed emotions that have been living with us for years. Ocean Jasper is the stone to used at the beginning because it helps us dig and find our emotions in a very gentle way. Our repressed feeling will surface up and then we will be able to start feeling them and then letting them go into the vast universe.

In few words Ocean Jasper is about

  • Nurturing energy
  • Allowing
  • Balance
  • Patience
  • Emotional Healing

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