Phantom Quartz Meaning and Properties

Phantom Quartz Meaning and Properties: Growth, Healing, Letting go, Past issues, Manifestation.

It is crystal that is constituted from many layers… Just like our lives! Layers over layers over layers…

Phantom quartz It is all about growth!

If you feel that you are going through a new breakthrough in your life, or you feel that you are shedding your skin: Phantom quartz is the best crystal to accompany you in your journey. It is crystal that may help you getting through the to the next stage of your life. Phantom quartz is all about new beginning and becoming a new you every now and then. It is a stone that tells us that it is important to keep evolving, to keep growing and to keep learning.

Phantom Quartz is a stone for healing!

This crystal is a very good friend during recovery. It is a stone that may give us a lot of power during our healing periods. In order to heal, you have to overcome some difficulties and some obstacles, Phantom quarto helps us going through these period. It helps us see the good things in the future. It is all about letting go off the past and focusing on getting stronger and stronger in our present. It is stone that helps us learn from our past mistakes and not only get to the next level. It is a stone that helps us taking the time to heal before learning and evolving.

Phantom Quartz is about letting go!

It is a very good stone for letting go of our old believes and emotions. Phantom quartz is all about fresh new moments. It helps let get detached from any old belief or any old emotion that is not letting us get to the next stage of life. As we said earlier, this stone is a very good healing stone that helps us getting to our next objective by helping us getting detached from the old emotions. The old emotions is healed but it is always there, to help us always remember the lessons we once learnt.

Phantom Quartz is a stone for the past issues!

If you have been the victim of past traumas or past accidents in your life, Phantom quartz may that you need. It is a very good stone for past traumas and repressed feeling and emotions. If you have been thought some hard times in your life, even thought it goes back to long long time ago, childhood or maybe teenage time… Try to use this stone and meditate with it. This stone is here to step by step help you getting the intelligence of the divine, especially our ancestors, to help you heal. It is an amazing stone for traumas: whatever type of trauma you are suffering from, this stone is a very good friend. It is not only about the future, it is about your past as well. This stone digs in your past, searching for the what really happened and how you really felt… I would suggest getting the help of a specialist if you are trying to heal your past traumas using this stone.

Phantom Quartz is a stone to manifest!

For sure, all kinds of quartz crystals are good crystals to help us amplify the energies we are feeling or we are raising, Phantom quartz is a very good stone for manifestation using the power and the intelligence of ou ancestors. It is a stone that helps us amplify any other emotion. Before getting to the stage of manifestation, I would suggest to sit with this stone and meditate. Get familiar with it and let it wash over your feelings and emotions. Before starting manifesting with it, this stone will help you detoxify the past emotions and then start directing you in the right path, if you have questions for sure.

In few words Phantom Quartz is about:


  • Growth
  • Healing
  • Letting go
  • Past issues
  • Manifestation

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