Red Tiger’s Eye Meaning and Properties

Red Tiger's Eye Meaning and Properties: Passion, Motivation, Stimulation, Sacral Chakra Healing, Creative energy, Boosting energy.

Stone of motivation and stimulation, passion liveliness for our daily life!

Red tiger’s eye also known as dragons’s eye.

Red Tiger’s Eye is a stone full of energy!

Have you felt out of energy? We are not talking only about physical energy. Have you felt sometimes as if you don’t have energy to do what you have to do, or maybe you keep procrastinating, or maybe you don’t feel at your best to do the things you have to do? Have yo felt morally and energetically blocked or drained? Sometimes we go thought these phases where we feel that we need a push, or maybe a wake up call. Especially during these uncertain times where most of us are looking for a better tomorrow: working with Tiger’s Eye could be the solution. It is a stone that helps waking up (energetically) and get moving.

It is the fuel of the body, mind and energetic system!

The real interesting thing about this stone is that it works on different levels. The first level is the body. It is stone that gives us energy or a push, just like caffeine. Red tiger’s eye is a stone full of energy and stimulation. So when you feel physically not in shape or not ready yet to start your journey, holding a piece of this stone may be a very good start of your day. So if you need some energy to get up and get ready for work, use this stone.

This stone helps the mind to wake up and get to work. Sometimes, we feel that our mind is distracted by many things unconsciously and this happens usually after long period of work or after long period where we have been managing many things at the same time. Our mind becomes kind of numb and refuses to wake up naturally, if we are not following a waking up habit with yoga, meditation, respiration or exercising. This is a very good stone to start your day with. Again, try to meditate with this stone for few minutes and start focusing on your priorities. 

The third level on which this stonework is the energy field that surrounds our body and our mind. This is stone is a very good stone to use when we feel good physically but we need a push energetically. Sometimes we feel that we need to connect back to our true power, true magic, true potential, this could be a very good stone to start with.

Red Tiger’s Eye stimulates our creative energy!

Furthermore, this stone stimulates our creative energies as well. Again, whenever you fell drained creatively, this could be a very stone to start working with. It has the capacity to let out our real energies that have been drained by circumstances. If you are an artist, it is a very good stone to use especially during these uncertain times. If helps you focus on your creative side while tuning off some of the unwanted energies you feel. You can use on piece of Red Tiger’s Eye stone on your desk or even place some where you usually create your art.

It brings back the spark into your sex life!

You can wear it while you go out for a date or use some pieces in your bedroom. This stone could help you as well if you are trying something new in your love life. It will help you appreciate the new things you have now.

It is a good stone for our Sacral Chakra healing!

Do you feel that your sacral chakra is blocked? Do you feel that the home of our creative energy isn’t aligned with the other chakras? Red Tiger’s Eye is a very good stone to give release to our creativity and reproductive energy. Do you feel a writer’s block? This could be on the best stone to help get your ideas rising up to the surface. This stone will unlock all the blockages you are feeling. If you are working alone or in group, it doesn’t matter.

It increases enthusiasm and motivation!

This stone will bring you back enthusiasm and motivation while working on long-term project. It will bring you new freshness.

In few words Red Tiger’s Eye is about:

  • Passion
  • Motivation
  • Stimulation
  • Sacral Chakra Healing
  • Creative energy
  • Boosting energy

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