Mookaite Meaning and Properties

Mookaite Meaning and Properties: grounding, spirituality, ancestral power, Heals the body, reduces anxieties and fears of the future, boosts intuition for major decisions


 This stone has different layers of colors Red, earthy yellow, purple, black, pink, white, grey… this is why it has a lot of properties… It is the stone of our ancestors and it is the stone of grounding. 

Hold a piece of Mookaite and start breathing. It is a powerful stone for grounding ourselves, grounding our anxieties and fears. This stone helps us to slow down and calm down. Not only this stone will help us be gentle to ourselves, it will help us as well to take the time process the other’s energies… It helps us be gentle as well with the others.

If you are feeling that you are beating yourself up because of a specific objective or because of a change that you feel coming into your life; meditating and working with Mookaite is a way staying grounded and getting rid of all of the negative energies that we could feel within our consciousness. Mookaite is here to tell us and to teach us to be more gentle with ourselves. 

Due to its different colors, Mookaite has different vertus. For exemple, the read and the earthy yellow variations let us feel grounded. The purple, pink and white colors that could be found in this stone let us feel the spirituality that this stone can offer to us. 


Physical and spiritual healings

Some people claims that Mookaite would help healing the body, for instance small cuts. People used to sleep next to the Mookaite and put Mookaite on their body to help them heal. 

Mokkaite is also used in periods of anxiety and fear of the future and of the upcoming events. If you’re feeling bad or unpleasant feeling or maybe you are hesitating about taking a decision or choosing between two major things. Mookaite could be your best friend. Mookaite and with all our ancestral intelligence stored in this stone may give us directions and helps us through difficult decisions. It calms our anxieties and fear and helps our intuition to choose what’s best for us in periods of big changements. 

Mookaite is a very good stone to keep the harmony going between our physical body and our spiritual being. it is all about our awarness between the body and the mind. Mookaite is very good for people ageing… not only but it really helps people keeping harmony and accepting changes in our physical being. It has a great healing effect on us and on the earth. 

Mookaite helps us tuning in with our mother earth. Listening to our mother earth and to the energies that surrounds is a very important things in keep our vibrations healthy and high. It helps us protect our planet… it is always a two way relationship.

Mookaite helps us tuning in as well to the energy of each and every place. As you know every space, every city, every country has different vibration and different energy. Mookaite is a very good stout to travel with. Whenever you arrive to a new place and you feel disconnected or maybe unpleasant feeling towards this place… hold a piece of Mookaite close to your heart while trying to concentrate and trying to reconnect to the earthy energy. Please don’t forget to sage or use Florida water drops to cleanse the space before trying to connect to its energies 

Last but not least, Mookaite is a stone that hold a lot of ancestral power and intelligence. It helps us explore and give our spiritual growth a boost. Connecting with the ancestral intelligence is something important. so if you are trying to choose what job to take or what house to buy… Mookaite could help us find the best options for us.

Mookaite elixir is safe to drink. 

Let sit a piece of Mookaite in a glass or bottle of water overnight. Wake up in the morning, set your intentions and drink the water. 

Mookaite meaning: Grounding, Spirituality, Ancestral power, Heals the body, Reduces anxieties and fears of the future and Boosts intuition for major decisions.



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