Green Aventurine Meaning and Properties

Green Aventurine Meaning and properties: Balancing, Energising, Abundance, Growth, Healing and comforting, Healers stone

Green Aventurine Meaning and Properties

Aventurine comes in many different colors and it is a type of quartz.

Green Aventurine is all about heart healing. Because of its green color, this stone resonates more with heart chakra. It is true that Aventurine will help you balance all of your chakras but in order to start healing, Green Aventurine focuses more on the heart, the emotions and the balance.

Green aventurine is a beautiful stone to work with and to carry in our everyday life. It is a gentle and soft stone to work with. Don’t hesitate to carry it with you. It will help you heal gently and softly.

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The primary benefit of the green aventurine is balancing

The primary benefit of the green aventurine is balancing, This stone balances all the energies in the body and has the capacity to balance the chakras in the body as well. It balances the Ylang Ylang energy in our body and spirit. It even balances once masculine and feminine energy if we wanted to.

Try to sit with this stone and meditate for 5 min everyday if you are feeling a bit off. Sometimes we feel absent and unbalanced and this could be due to many personal and professional factors. Bring yourself back to equilibrium with green aventurine. Hold it in your hands and breathe.This stone is all about easing and soothing our blockages and emotions. Green aventurine will help you feel deeply these emotions and then will help getting rid of the toxic onces. It is all about love and happiness.

Green Aventurine is a stone of Growth

It is a stone of growth. Green Aventurine has always been claimed a very good stone for prosperity. It attracts abundance and prosperity and It is about happiness. Green Aventurine is also about luck. It helps you heal and it attracts love and happiness to your life. Green Aventurine in particular is about bringing love and joy, all the things that make our life happy and whole. I wouldn’t suggest working with Aventurine for only financial prosperity. It is a stone of prosperity in general. It attracts good and beautiful things to our lives in the long run.

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Aventurine a heart Healing Stone

Aventurine is a very good stone that helps us heal the heart physically and spiritually. If you are having some troubles with your heart or you are feeling pain or heartache, green aventurine could be really helpful. Try to sleep or hold close to your heart a piece of Green Aventurine and breathe deeply everyday.

And for sure, if you are having unpleasant emotion during or after a breakup or even while you are in a relationship, aventurine may not bring you the answers but Aventurine is here to accompany you in your emotional journey.

Heart healing isn’t only about love relationship, it is also about healing from friendships and family member relationships. It creates a healing space around your heart. It is all about healing and comforting. Aventurine could help you to let go of any sort of energetic attachment. It helps you try to resolve unresolved matters.

Green Aventurine: a Healers’ Stone

This is a stone for healers as well, it gives great to energy healers on a regular basis and it protects them from the others’ energies. As a healer, holding an aventurine or placing a piece of aventurine in your space will help you not accumulating your clients off-balanced energies. This stone helps you not feeling drained.

Green aventurine will confort the clients as well by bringing back by balancing their energies. It is a very soft stone. It helps changing and switching energies gently.

Chakras – Green Aventurine : Heart Chakra
Zodiac – Aries, Leo
Element – Earth
Vibration – Number 3
Typical colours – Green, but may also be orange, brown, yellow, blue or grey

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In few words Green Aventurine is about:

  • Balancing
  • Energising
  • Abundance
  • Luck
  • Growth
  • Healing and comforting
  • Healers stone



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