How to Heal your energy blockages and unleash the full Potential of your life: The Crown Chakra


Open your Crown Chakra

Here are some tips to open your Crown Chakra!

The Crown Chakra – or the seventh Chakra or Sahasrara – is located at the top of the head. This chakra gives us access to our higher states of consciousness and helps us connecting to the universal powers. Clearing up the blockages creates space for new positive forces and every in our brain. Unconsciously and sometimes consciously we hold to our past memories, traumas, insecurities. The most dangerous thing we can do to our sacral chakra is to the power to our emotional blockages to deteriorate our mental health.

Literally, the Crown Chakra gives us access gives us access to infinite possibilities of the univers. Most people refer to the Crown Chakra with purple color, but also this Chakra can be drawn with the white color. Therefore, stones that are clear or purple are often for the Crown Chakra.

Stones for the Crown Chakra

Here are few healing stones often used to open, balance and heal the Crown chakra.

  • Amethyst: Purple. This stone facilitates and eases the emotional pain. It helps communicating with our spiritual guides, Universe, God or whatever you call it… It works as well with our addictives behaviors: addiction to a certain emotion and helps clear it. Plus, if you have ago issues… don’t hesitate to work with Amethyst.
  • Clear Quartz: Transparent. Quartz family in general brings spiritual awareness. It helps us connect with ourselves, with our ancestors and with our spiritual guides as well. It is used as well to expand consciousness. And as its color indicates, it encourages clarity (which can leads us sometimes to uncomfortable situations, dont be afraid of that). Clear Quartz as well stimulates the nervous system and helps amplifying the psychic abilities.
  • Selenite: White/clear. Selenite is an amazing stone for bringing good and positive energy in your life. It helps clear the congested energies and lifts awareness to higher places. Mostly Selenite helps clearing and removing stagnation (while using it with the Crown chakra).
    Diamond: Clear (and expensive). Diamond facilitates our connection to our higher self. It helps us accessing diving energies, promotes honesty and clear as well emotional blockages.


There are many ways and methods used in working with the Crown Chakra: It depends on the spiritual group or background spiritual history behind it.

The easiest way to used the stones for healing the Crown chakra is to wear these crystals as jewellery: rings, bracelets…

Another typical way to use the stone is placing the stones directly over the chakra in need of healing and meditate on it. Again, Don’t be afraid of exploring emotions of the past, live them again in order to heal (BUT DONT STAY STUCK THERE)

Please, don’t forget to cleanse and charge the crystals before wearing them or before mediating with them. The easiest way to cleanse your crystals to to place them at least 48 hours in the sun, ideally in your own bedroom. So that the stone absorbs a bit of your energy while cleansing itself. My favorite way to cleanse remains smudging sage and saging the crystal.

How the blockage Manifest

Whenever there is a blockage in the chakra system, physical and non-physical signs manifest.

The Crown chakra is associated with the transcendence of our limitations. When the Crown chakra has an imbalance, it can manifest as:

  • Constant cynicism and feeling disconnected from our spirituality.
  • Closed-mindedness or experiencing difficulties accepting other opinions
  • Obsessive attachments to matters
  • Feeling disconnected from your own body


For a meditation focused on the Crown Chakra, envision white light pouring into the top of your head, filling your body. Surround yourself with this loving sacred energy for as much as you can hold. The duration of the meditation isn’t important.



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