Creative Imagination

Creative Imagination (2)

Creative Imagination and the relation between or nervous system and what we think is true.

What is the relation between our nervous system and what we perceive as true?

How we behave, act and feel?

After a lot researches made on this matter, scientists and philosophers (years before the scientists) have agreed that the human being acts, behave and feels in accordance with what he has imagined is the truth. As Maltz calls it in his book, the law of the brain. We are all built the same way. Each one of us uses the creative imagination consciously and unconsciously. 

Hypnosis is the best example to understand more this fundamental law. Creative imagination is the image and feeling that we are experience in our head. 

If a hypnotic subject is told to be that he is at the North Pole where temperatures are really low, this subject will immediately feel the cold and his body starts to shiver. Same thing, if we were told that we are in the desert where temperature are extremely high: the human body may start to sweat. The creative imagination of experiencing difference in temperature is in our imagination. 

Other exemple will apply to this, is thinking and imagining iced water. Imagine you put your hand in iced water, you can start feeling the effect of the iced water even without being even close to any ice bucket. What is interesting in this experience is that thermometers show a drop ion temperature in the iced/treated hand. Numerous are the experiences that were made on the human body and the difference of temperature shown only by asking people to imagine themselves in a certain situation… This is what exactly is creative imagination.

In conclusion, the human body and in particular the nervous system cannot tell the difference between the reality and the imagined reality. Your nervous system is here to react not to think. It reacts to certain information given by the fore-brain. 

My nervous system reacts to what I think or imagine is the truth.

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