Creative Imagination

Creative Imagination (1)

What is creative imagination? How do we use our creative imagination and project it to the others and to us? And how by projecting it, this becomes our truth?

Creative Imagination (1)

Is it true that what we think the others think about us, is all self made.

Let us take this exemple about creative imagination:

A man who feel that he is ugly. This man feels that he has an ugly and deformed mouth. This believes might come from opinions this man has heard when he was a kid from family or from environment. The opinion of the others has made him unsafe around himself. He feels and knows that he is not handsome. Before going out to outside world, this man starts thinking and believing that everyone who will see him will have this same opinion. Unconsciously, this man is building obstacles in his head… social obstacles and most importantly limitations for himself. It is exactly what creative imagination is. 

This man is convinced that he is limited and that he is not worth any amazing and beautiful things just because he believes an opinion about himself. 

This man’s behaviour with the outside world is all conditioned with his own belief. I am not saying that the environment at the adult age of this man is not important but I am saying that this man is auto-limitating himself even before stepping out of his home. 

As a natural response to that, most of the encounters that this man will do will not be successful, just because this man will be projecting his belief of his limited self to any kind of situation. Again, it is creative imagination.

This is how this man is using, unconsciously the creative imagination in a negative way, harming himself… not on purpose. 

The same way of believing that a thing is different may leads us to new outcomes.

For me the first steps of start using for our own advantage the creative imagination is to start spotting the negative talk and the negative creative imagination even for small and meaningless things for us. Second step is trying to stop it each time we feel that it is starting to take over our rational world. Third step would be for me to start unconvincing ourselves that this is true by taking a step back and saying that this is not true and we can change it. Fourth step is to discover who we want to be and how we would like to present ourselves to the outer world… 

Namaste 🙂

Photo credit : © Gauthier Raad



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