Amethyst Meaning and Healing Properties


What is Amethyst?

Called the “all-healer”, Amethyst is one of the most effective crystals for healing people, plants, and animals.

Amethyst is a wonderful artists talisman, it is mainly used for use in the creative arts.

What are the benefits of Amethyst?

It counteracts negative and unpleasant earth energies beneath buildings or anywhere that feels hostile.

For more creativity and concentration, keep an Amethyst crystal in the area of work; It amplifies the creative elements of the Universal Life Force.

Amethyst also protects against psychic attack, paranormal harm or ill-wishing, by returning the energy back to the universe.

To increase this power and attract good luck, draw an image of the sun and the crescent moon over an Amethyst in lavender incense smoke.

Amethyst is as well a “nature’s tranquilliser”, it calms and soothes, assisting the transmission of neural signals through the brain.

It relieves obsessive-compulsive disorder and hyperactivity in children and animals.

if you are having nightmares or facing insomnia, place an Amethyst under the pillow or mattress. It is especially effective for children’s recurring fears of the dark and may help alleviate homesickness.

Chakras – Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra
Birthstone – February
Zodiac – Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces
Planet – Jupiter
Element – Air, Water



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