Cinnabar Crystal Tower Point


Cinnabar Crystal Tower Point: Alchemy, transformation, manifestation, and abundance.


Cinnabar Stone is highly useful for removing negative energies from around you and replacing them with positive and light ones.

If you are someone who is extremely distressed in their life, possessing Cinnabar Stone can help you have confidence in the path life has chosen for you.

Furthermore, you can remove your deepest fears and resentment through the regular use of Cinnabar Stone, which will help you move forward in life freely.

Similarly, it is a very powerful stone to release feelings of anger, which will give you inner peace and make you a more compassionate person.

Moreover, if you are very sensitive and easily take things to your heart, possessing Cinnabar Stone can help you to not consider everything in a very somber manner.

Cinnabar Stone has a deep impact on the mind as it can enhance your mental agility and assist you in coming up with creative, analytical, and quick ideas.

By enhancing creativity, this stone can be very advantageous for people whose work requires them to use new inspirations and out-of-the-box ideas.

In addition to this, Cinnabar Stone has the ability to awaken your kundalini energy which is the key to enhance your lovemaking prowess and make you confident in bed.

If you experience jealousy on a regular basis, the power of Cinnabar Stone will give peace to your heart by eliminating envious thoughts and comparisons inside your head.


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