Law of attraction for beginners take responsibility

Law of Attraction Take responsibility

What does it mean to start creating our future by our thoughts? How my thoughts will affect my future?

What does it mean to start creating our future by our thoughts? How will my thoughts affect my future? How is even this possible?

Living in the past

Most of the people live in their past. We live in our past memories because it is the simplest and easiest way of spending the time of our physical experience. Thinking and behaving according to our past is very tricky. Doing so denies any process of evolution in our character and in our everyday experience. We frequently hear it around us “I am like this and I have always been like this and I won’t change“. Well, no problem, we are not here to change people but now I know that this person, in particular, is stuck in their past.

Stop waking up and thinking about your failures 10 years ago!

Learning experiences

It is so important to reflect on our past experiences. It is so important to evaluate and learn from each experience. However, after healing from any past experience, we have to move on. We have to leave the energy, the emotion associated with this experience and move on. Each experience is a learning experience. And this experience will make us avoid the same mistakes for future new experiences. Don’t stay stuck in low-frequency emotions: hate, grudge, sadness, shame, regret… These emotions are normal to have at some point, but we should move past them.

Here is where it gets challenging for most people: how to leave the energy or the emotion and the past and move on to the new chapter of my life without taking with me the past’s emotion? It is not that easy but everything comes with habit. We should train our brain, we should tell it what to do and not the other way around.

Heal from your past, take your time.

In order for us to move on to a new exciting emotion in our future and before creating it, make sure that you are healed. Well even if you are 50 percent healed you can start thinking about the next step. But take your time healing before.

Assume your responsibilities

Here is an important tip about healing: don’t stay in the victim mode. You could have been a victim, but you have to take responsibility for your actions as well. Yes, you were a victim in a certain situation but it is time to assume your responsibility and stop blaming everything on the outside world. The best way to do it is to imagine that these people are gone, vanished, live now on another planet. Heal yourself, heal your emotions, and don’t push them down. These emotions could transform into frustration and into illness.

Take responsibility for your actions and learn from them.

Thoughts and concisousness

Once this step is accomplished, then stop reflecting on your day-to-day life. Ask yourself how much time you spent in a past emotion. What is this emotion? Be conscious of your self-talk. Is it something that you want to bring into your new life? Look at the questions or at the reflections, or even the comments you are telling yourself. What are they? Would you write them down? These are probably not your own thoughts. You were not born with these thoughts. These were others’ opinions, at a certain time, based on their insecurities.

This is of the first steps that each one of us has to go through before really starting talking about the law of attraction. If you don’t heal yourself and raise your frequencies, you will be attracting the same situations and people that you have attracted so far into your experience.



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  1. Jacqueline Winberg

    This was a very interesting and inspiring article. It’s a great reminder to keep moving forward and let go of the past. We also have to recognize the repetition of past behavior and change what and who doesn’t serve us anymore. Please keep it up friend! I love when you said, “raise your frequencies”!

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