The law of attraction for beginners like attracts like

Law of Attraction Like attracts Like. 

Law of Attraction for beginners. Believe it when people say Like attracts Like. 

Believe it when people say Like attracts Like

What this means is that you surround yourself with the fruit of your thoughts, energetically of course. What does that mean? This means that you are a magnet with your thoughts. Think about yourself as a magnet, don’t see yourself as flesh and bones: see yourself as a magnet of everything that surrounds you, that is surrounding you right now. 

Start creating your world

It is a difficult concept for human beings to accept. This means that all the positive and the negative around us are what we created. I would suggest not letting our consciousness get stuck on this idea that we have created all the drama in our lives. It is not a healthy way to start with the law of attraction… just say to yourself that since now you are reading this article, you’re gonna start creating new and beautiful things around you. 

A lot of people have said it already, we are the magnet and the creator of our life. This concept is not in contradiction with any religion. It comes along with a better understanding of some religions. 

Be conscious of your thoughts

Everything has been happening unconsciously in your head. You have been creating on a deep level whatever you are creating now in your life. You have been creating it based on your self-image, past experiences, the self-image built by your society, family, and friends, and so on… 

We will be talking later on about self-image and how we build our self-image and how we can start changing it using the creative imagination method. 

Basically put, the law of attraction says that like attracts like. But we’re talking at a level of thoughts.

Bob Doyle

Bob Doyle is a well-known Author and law of attraction specialist. 

The first level of work of the law of attraction

What Bob Doyle meant to say is that our thoughts are the magnet, this is why we have to pay real attention to our thoughts (which is not always easy).

He continues and gives us an example that happens to us in our everyday life: when something bad (to us) happens. The more we think about this matter, the worse it gets to us. Why does this happen to us? 

The Law of attraction starts working immediately, this is the first level of work of the law of attraction. I am thinking a thought, I keep thinking this thought, the law of attraction keeps sending me alike thoughts. When I am thinking about something bad for a few seconds, other bad thoughts begin to come to us (which is not ours basically). It is a loop. The more you think about it, the worse it gets the more unpleasant and unhappy thoughts you get. 

Experience Like thoughts is a very important process in understanding the law of attraction. Bob Doyle gives the example of a song. You listen to a song and this song gets stuck in your head. You keep playing and replaying this song in your head. 

Focus and attention are part of the process

Focus and attention are key words when working with the law. Focusing on what we want or what we need consciously is a very important thing. Which means unfocusing on whatever we don’t want or we don’t want to attract. Giving our attention to our thoughts and our feelings, understanding the process of the law of attraction will help us switch our focus to other things that consciously we want to attract. 

Here is an example, I caught myself thinking unhappy thoughts. Using my focusing and attention, I will put some effort consciously to switch my focus from an unhappy thought to another happy thought. This will stop all the unwanted processes of attracting unwanted thoughts. 

A tip for more pleasant thoughts

Here is a tip, prepare in your head a happy thought or a pleasant thought. So that each time you catch yourself thinking unpleasant thoughts you can immediately think about the other thought: It could be an image of you during vacation, you on the beach, skiing, hiking, laughing with friends, playing with your kids… any pleasant thought you think about. In this way, you are training your mind and taming it. It is a tool, not a master. Our brain is a tool. Remember that. 



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