Law of attraction for beginners

Law of Attraction for beginners 

Understanding what is the Law of attraction for beginners. Is it really a law? When did it start?

Everyone has already heard about the law of attraction in a video on YouTube, in a book, in a testimonial… But what is really the Law of Attraction? Is it really a Law? What’s attraction anyway? Do we really have the power to attract things or people? Let’s start learning about the law of attraction step-by-step. 

What is the Law of Attraction?

Bob Proctor once said “Everything that’s coming into your life you are attracting into your life. And it is attracted by virtue of the images you’re building in your mind. It’s what you are thinking. Whatever is going on in your mind you are attracting to you.”

The Law of attraction is just like any other law in this universe. It doesn’t matter if you are religious, spiritual, atheist, gothic, rational… It doesn’t matter how you consider yourself or how you identify, the law of attraction will still work. It is already working. It is like gravity.

Gravity works without our permission, it is here from the moment we were born and it will continue to be. The only difference we are talking about here is that we are conscious of the law of gravity because it is obvious to our eyes: we can see it, touch it and play with it. Plus we learn it at school.

The Law of attraction is something we cannot see, but we can indeed understand it and try to figure out what it is. And of course, discover how this law is affecting our lives in one way or in another. There are of course other laws in the universe as powerful as the law of attraction that we will discuss later in another article. All these laws work together to help us live a better life consciously and unconsciously. 

When did the Law of Attraction Start?

People have practiced this law since the beginning of time. A lot of people have drawn wealth into their lives, other people have drawn in catastrophes, other people have drawn happiness, others have drawn sadness and grief… Let’s talk more about how this process happens.

Consciously or unconsciously these people were having thoughts of abundance (good abundance) and wealth. It is so important to do everything to try not to allow any contradictory thoughts to control their mind. Of course contradictory thoughts about poorness and lack of abundance. This is not easy to do so, especially if you come from a poor-thinking background.

Our education and background play a big unconscious role in making this law sometimes difficult to apply. The predominant thought of the people who are seeking happiness should be happy thoughts. You cannot ask for happiness and think negative thoughts all day long. Most wealthy people know wealth and this is the only predominant thought in their minds. 

‎The Law of Attraction in our daily lives

The Law of attraction doesn’t work efficiently when we don’t know exactly what we want, it doesn’t work when our thoughts are still mastered by our unconscious vision of life and how difficult it is to change. And how difficult it is to switch from one pattern to another. The word ‘difficult’ is one of the most poisonous words in our languages. However, it is frequently used in our daily lives. 

Start from the inside

Most people until now are not really aware of what they think unconsciously. It is not that easy to however if we start today by looking inside of our minds and hearts and see what’s going on, this could be a beginning. Start by questioning where you are right now? How do you feel right now? Do you have a beautiful life? Do you have a good job? Do you have enough money?

No one needs to know what you are thinking about. But you should have a clear and honest look at where you are in life now. Doing this will let you know, where you want to be later on in life. And you are gonna decide it for yourself. Not someone else. 

Enjoy the Process

We are told that in order to get beautiful things we have to work hard and we will find everything difficult and we will face a lot of obstacles. And this is the right way to get to our goal… Well let me break it down for you: This is poor-minded people talking. Nothing is difficult. You have to put in the right amount of work in order to learn, fail, and learn.

Keep Learning

keep learning from your mistakes and successes. But the most important thing is to enjoy the process all the way to your goal. Keep learning about the law of attraction to see how to do the switch, how to change your life, and how to craft it your way. 



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