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Healing Crystals for zodiac signs, Libra

The healing crystals for Libra are Tiger's Eye, Emerald, Black Tourmaline, Citrine and Labradorite.

Crystals and stones for Libra!

Libra is the seventh astrological sign in the Zodiac. It spans 180°–210° celestial longitude. The Sun transits this sign on average between September 23 and October 22. Under the lesser known sidereal zodiac, the Sun currently transits the constellation of Libra from approximately October 31 to November 22.

Libra: Libra are the people who are always searching for justice everywhere. They search for balance in life, in their relationships and in their work. They are the peace-makers, they love harmony in life and work for it. They are always elegant and charming, they know how to take care of their outside as well as their inside. In general, Libra are positive, happy people and they want everyone else to share their happiness.

Here is the top 5 stones for Libra Zodiac Gemstone. There is a bunch of crystals and stones that will benefit Libra’ life and have some huge effect on it. In this list we will be talking about only 5, however, it is so important for each one us to feel a connection between the stone and us. Sometimes, for some reasons, we feel that we are connected right here right now to a certain stone and not to the other. There is nothing wrong with that. The connection between the stone and the person in question is so important.

Top 5 healing crystals for Libra!

1- Tiger’s Eye: This stone for libra is all about physical fitness. It is super important for Libras to stay in shape. Libra are always worried about making the good choices in life. Carry or meditate with a piece of tiger’s Eye and try to listen to what your intuition is telling you. Tiger’s eye energy will give your insights or probably some answers. This stone is about motivating Libras to stay in action.


2- Emerald : This stone is about emotions. Emerald helps Libras soothing their emotions. Again Libras are all about balance… They need to stay in balance especially emotionally. Carrying or even contemplating Emerald will benefit Libras. This stone is also about overcoming negativity, any sort of negative energy at work, at home, with friends or partners. Emerald in general is about hope and growth.

3- Black Tourmaline : One of the most protective stones in general. This stone will protect Libras physically and psychologically. It is a very good stone to help Libras gain more self confidence and empowering them. Sometimes Libras need empowering energy to spread it around them. Black tourmaline is a best stone to help them do it.


4- Labradorite : This stone is all about confidence self discovery. Libras especially in public need to show their joyous and empowering side. In order to do this, Labradorite is a very good stone to carry especially the days when they have public presentation or public speaking exercices. Labradorite also protects against any sort of negativity.

5- Citrine : Citrine is a very positive stone that guides us on several levels in life. For liars this stone will help them solving problems or help them find answers for questions they are seeking. This stone rejuvenates the aura as well. I would suggest carrying a beautiful piece of citrine or place it somewhere at home.

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Do You Know Your Astrology Sign?

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  • Libra September 23 to October 22
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