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Healing Crystals for zodiac signs, Capricorn

The healing crystals for Capricorn are Clear Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, Black Onyx, Garnet and Carnelian.

Crystals and stones for Capricorn!

Capricorns are born between December 22nd and January 20th, and belong to the Earth element of the zodiac (along with Taurus and Virgo – who they happen to be incredibly compatible with, romantically). The Earth sign crew are all practical, self reliant, stoic and ambitious.

Capricorn: Capricorn are all in the head. They are deeply rooted and connected to mother earth. They are the most determined sign in the zodiac. Capricorn are driver by their achievements and successes. The don’t give, they keep trying and trying until they reach the top. They are practical, brain-driven and are less in the emotions.

Here is the top 5 stones for Capricorn Zodiac Gemstone. There is a bunch of crystals and stones that will benefit Capricorn’ life and have some huge effect on it. In this list we will be talking about only 5, however, it is so important for each one us to feel a connection between the stone and us. Sometimes, for some reasons, we feel that we are connected right here right now to a certain stone and not to the other. There is nothing wrong with that. The connection between the stone and the person in question is so important.

Top 5 healing crystals for Capricorn!

1- Clear Quartz: Clear quartz as we all know, is an amplifier of energy. This means that I could be used with any other stone to magnify the energy in a room or anywhere. Capricorn will use this specific stone as magnifier to his/her/their energy. It will help Capricorn to find more vitality and inspiration in anything in life.

2- Rutilated Quartz: This crystal is a very beautiful crystal, less known than the other types of quartz because it is more rare, rutilated quartz cleans and uplifts Capricorn. This stone will help Capricorn find and solve solutions using intuition. Since capricorns are all in the head, this crystal will bring balance and equilibrium between the rational side and the intuitive side.


3- Black Onyx: This crystals is all about protection and our connection with mother earth. It is a very good stone for feeling balanced and entered. It is a very important stone as well for spiritual awakening and elicits transformation.


4- Garnet: This beautiful crystal is used as well mainly for protection but not only. It helps Capricorn feeling balanced and protected. This crystals bring rejuvenation to Capricorn along with emotional balance.

5- Carnelian: Even Capricorn needs from time to time a small motivation and a push. This energy of carnelian will give Capricorn motivation, courage and determination. This crystal is used as well for good luck and prosperity. I would suggest working with this crystal not only buying it or carrying it. I suggest a quick small ritual with this crystal in the morning, holding this stone and speaking our intentions out loud while keeping our eyes close is a very good way to start our day with the energy of this stone. If you work remotely or our colleagues are open about crystals, the best thing would be to put a small piece of the carnelian on the desk in our work area, if we are using this stone for motivation at work.


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