Stress Away Essential Oil

Stress Away Essential Oil: promotes calming and relaxing environment. Use it at night! And notice the change in mood.

Why and how to use Stress away Essential oil?

There are many variations of this oil out there. I would suggest trying this first basic most popular stress away essential oil and see what it bring to you. The most popular blend It is a mix of  copaiba essential oil, lime essential oil , cerdarwood essential oil, vanilla essential oil and lavender essential oil. 

Again, there is a bunch of other blends out there… as usual this ne may not be the perfect match for you but this is the most popular stress away essential oil.

What does the stress away essential oil do?

Stress away essential oil promotes a calming and relaxing environment.

Wherever you are, you apparent, your house, even your desk at work. Diffusing or using the stress away essential oil will bring you drastic change in you and in your environment. In general, we can feel the stress in the air even before the day starts. I am saying this just because we all know that our brain is programmed through habit to feel and think about the stress even before it occurs. So what we are doing here is we are preventing and trying to change the functioning of our brain. Start your day by diffusing sone stress away essential oil in the room where you spend more time in, in the morning. Close your eyes and feel the stress away smell getting into your mind and body. Or another way of prevent the stress in your day is to take some drops of essential oil and rub them into your feet or ankles in the morning before going out of your apartment. And you may say a mantra as well or an affirmation, affirming that today is going to be a beautiful day.

Use it at night! And notice the change in mood.

Most of our problems and disputes at home occur in the evening, after we get back home after a long day. Most of us are tired and exhausted… Tired of taking decisions, tired of our jobs feeling not really in the mood for any discussion or any effort. I would suggest diffusing stress away essential oil at this specific time of the day. It will change drastically the mood of the house and the mood of the people there. You can start diffusing this essential oil for few hours before bedtime, so at bedtime you already feel relaxed and in a good mood. You can as well amplify the use of the stress away oil with lavender or camomile oil just before going to bed.

How to use Stress away essential oil?

There are various ways to use essential oils in general and in many ways to use the stress away oil in particular. Again there is no rule, saying you have to do this or the essential oil effect will not work on you. Just be careful, using essential oil if you are allergic to any herb or oil. Make sure not to ingest them. Most essential oils are not made to be ingested. Keep the use of the essential oil external and limit its use with a direct contact with the skin.

Here are some safe ways to use the stress away essential oil:

1- Put a drop to two on your finger and then rub it into the area where you carry your stress. Some people carry their stress in their fore-heard (migraine), other people carry their stress in their shoulders, others in their back or knees… Rub this area in the morning with this oil, sit a for a moment and feel its effect.

2 -You can diffuse this essential oil. Just use 2-4 drops in the your diffuser. This is more than enough to change the mood and the ambiance in the room. If you have an open space or a big house, surely a bigger amount of drops and a bigger essential oil diffuser will be required.

3- If you want this essential oil to accompany you throughout the day, use some drops on your temple.

4- This blend of essential oil will help you as well in opening up your creativity. Don’t hesitate to use it hen you feel stuck creatively. 

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