Manifestation aromatherapy essential oils blend for manifesting your dreams

Learn about manifestation aromatherapy with essential oils.

Manifestation aromatherapy

Essential oils have been used for centuries… specially by healers, doctors (modern), religious groups, witches… If you believe that everything has its own energy including plants, then you are reading the right article. Some people believe that pure essential oils have power: power of manifesting.

Essential oils blend for manifesting your dreams

Everyone now in our modern societies is talking about manifesting small things and bigger things or dreams in ones life.

Here is a small list of essential oils that you may want to have if you are considering manifesting your dreams.

  1. Clary Sage Essential Oils: Clary Sage clears the unwanted energies, relax the practitioner and helps balancing the contrasted and negative emotions. It can be used with everything you are trying to manifest.
  2. Camomile Essential Oils: Camomile relaxes and helps the practitioner to move to another level of consciousness. It is also related to manifesting abundance in a soothe way.
  3. Basil Essential Oils: Basil Basil is associated with wealth and abundance. It detoxifies negative energies.
  4. Lemon Essential Oils: Lemon Oil clears the mind and sharpens the consciousness.
  5. Cinnamon Essential Oils: Cinnamon Oil soothes the body and is used to accelerate manifesting things.
  6. Cedarwood Essential Oils: Cedarwood oil is the “cheer up” oil. It adds a blend of joy and happiness to your work and manifestation.

An example of affirmation

Here is an example of affirmation you can use while using the essential oils:

Affirmation: “I am grateful and happy now that my intention is getting real. As I breathe in manifestation I am reminded that when I speak it and meditate on it, I shall receive that which I desire.”

Advice: Try to personalize your affirmation and adapt it to the intention you are working on and especially adapt it to your life situation.




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