Essential Oils and Emotions

Essential Oils and Emotions: Essential oils coupled with the right tools can make the change permanent.

Do you feel overwhelmed? do you feel stressed? Do you feel it is been a while you havent been feeling good?

Let us start this blog with talking a bit about the Limbic system which the first responsible for our emotions and reactions. The limbic system is in our brain and it communicates with neurones with the other parts of our body. The neurones are constantly renewing : every 6 to 7 weekend new olfactory neurone change

Based on past situation, this system will tell us to act in a way or in another. Olfactory balls is there helps us.

As you know, essential oil are extract from plants, flowers, herbs and so on… they are made from natural and aromatic compounds: these essential oils work with different part of the body and have effect on different senses in different situations. Thus, essential oil works with different parts of the brain. Some oils are gonna calm some areas of the limbic system.

Remember, olfactory information are stocked in your limbic part of the brain. So it needs time to break the old pattern and let the essential oils make more changes to your life and emotions.

Aromatic works with your brain!

You can diffuser oils to rewrite how do you feel you need to use the essential oils frequently and not occasionally. You need a disciplined approach to start step-by-step helping your neurones start creating the new reactions and the new feelings.. thus the new emotions. Zhen you sue the right essential oil with the right tools, this is when it really gets to get interesting, it could be journaling, meditations, yoga, working out, rituals, journaling and any other personal evolving approach. Your olfactory balls will carry all these positive and new information to your brain means to your limbic system.

How to work and which oil to choose!

Essential oils coupled with the right tools can make the change permanent.

Here are some advices to how to pick and chose your essential oil:

  •  You mus be consistent, every thought and action are reinforcing the action that is already there. Dont forget that thoughts are generating emotions. Create a daily practice to help you break your new patterns.
  • Carry these oils with you and try to take the; with you everywhere you go. Try putting some drops on your feet or on your wrists
  • Use real essential oil and not fake natural essential oil. Dont choose the first price, it is usually not the best choice.
  • Get specific in your intention. Maybe not in the first week or the first time you are using essential oil. But try to let your essential oil choice match with your intention. There are tons and tons of essential oils choice. You need to get specific both in your choice of the essential oil and your intention. There are many category for essentials oils. We will be taking in another blog in specific about the different categories of the essential oils.
  • Pick your essential oil based on its benefit and not based on its color or its smell. You are using essential oil for a specific objective and not to only to give yourself some pleasure time. What is interesting as well is that how you perceive an oil with your sense will change throughout and after the period of your ritual and this is because these oils will make you create new feeling, new sensations and new emotions. Your reaction will for sure shift.

Here are some categories of the essentials oils and what they do to our brain:

  • Florals: in general they are the calming oils.
  • Trees: in general they are the grounding/stabilising oils.
  • Mints: in general they are the invigorating oils.
  • Citrus in general they are the energising oils.

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