Ways to refresh the energy in your home

Ways to refresh the energy in your home.

How to clear the space with a positive energy and clearing the home.

Houses can retain bad energy depending on the events and for the people that were present before us. Sometime we feel that the energy surrounding house isn’t ours even though this energy is a good energy. It is always better to cleanse any residual strange energy that we feel and fill the space with our energy. And sometimes we feel uncomfortable feeling, coldness or unwanted energies… You can use many methods. The most important thing is to feel comfortable in your own home.


A ritual to cleanse the house:

Here is the list of the tools that you may need in order to cleanse your house:

  • Something to smudge the sage
  • Sage bundle or incense
  • Salt to absorb energy
  • Black tumbled stone (example black obsidian or any black stone)
  • Clear quartz wand or any other crystal wand.

Here is a step-by-step procedure to do this.

  1. Movie your salt into your space.
  2. Take your sage lighted up. Cleanse the whole house with sage. Some people would prefer to go clockwise while saging the house or starting facing the North. Go ahead and smudge it, the negative energy will vanish while smudging. Don’t forget to have a window or a door opened. While Smudging you can say any Mantra you appreciate full positivity. You can say some good affirmations as well.. For example you can say “Thank you for all the beautiful things that are coming to me today” or you can say “If this energy isn’t mine take it away”.
  3. Now take you wad and charge it with your own intention. In a clockwise motion; movie around the house with your wand saying again the positive affirmation. If your house has a lot of windows and doors, don’t hesitate to draw counter wise circles around them to banish any unwanted energy to get in.
  4. Now take a pinch of your salt and sprinkle them in each corner. This way the salt will absorb any residual negative energy and will help you protect your house.
  5. At last Take your black stones or protective stones and place them in each corner of your house.

There is not any specific frequency or duration for how often cleanse or smudge your house. It is about how you feel about it. If you feel comfortable then this is the most important thing.

crystals for the home

Crystal according to the FENG SHUI: (starting at the bottom facing the door)

  • Wealth and prosperity : top left corner of the house. Adventuring (the stone of abundance)
  • Confidence Fame: the middle colon to the top. Citrine
  • Marriage and relationship: top Corner to the right: Rose Quartz
  • New beginnings and family: middle row to the left. Moonstone (the stone of new beginning)
  • Health : in the middle row and middle colon. Garnet: the stone of the total) health
  • Children health and future: left middle row. Golden Calcite ( the stone of Joy and happiness
  • Knowledge and Growth: bottom left corner. Growing and learn your lessons (Sodalite: the stone of wisdom and mental balance)
  • Career and Live path: bottom middle colon. Carnelian (The stone of art and business)
  • Travel and spirituality: right bottom colon Jet Stone ( The stone of travels)

Here is another guide room by room crystals. In this list learn which stone to place in each room.

Dinning room : Rhodonite or jade

Living room: conforming stone: Amethyst and obsidian

Bedroom: Rose quartz and aquamarine  

Bathroom: refreshing and rejuvenating: quartz and selenite

Home office: you need to focus and be motivated: Fluorite and sodalite

Entrance way: Large Geode or animal figuring.

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