Tiger’s Eye meaning

Tiger's Eye is all about protection, strength, grounding and of course enhancing our third eye.

Let’s talk about Tiger’s Eye!

It is a third eye stone. So in general tiger’s eye is used to enhance your psychic skills and your intuition. The good thing about tiger’s eye is that it is a very good grounding stone. And grounding is so much important especially for people who are developing and working on their energy levels and chakras. While tiger’s eye helps us dig into the psychic realm, it will keep us grounded and rooted into the earth.

Why it is important to stay grounded?

Some of the people decide to work on one of the chakras and they forget about the others. It is super important to work on our chakras, I personally work on my chakras separately but I do my best not to forget to work on all of them. Imbalanced chakras can affect each other. So keep in mind that when working with crystals that enhance your third eye, it is so super important for you to stay grounded. If you don’t do so, you will feel really detached from your day to day life and you will literally start living in your cloud. Be aware that staying rooted and grounded is something important to do each morning and night. This is why tiger’s eye is an interesting stone that helps us work and develop our sense of intuition while keeping us grounded and rooted to our mother earth.

Tiger’s Eye Confidence without ego!

Since it is a grounding stone, tiger’s eye stones fill us with the with a lot of confidence and self-esteem and keep us away from the negative ego and negative self centred character. It is a stone that helps us grow and be confident about ourselves. It connects us to the ground and to our real self. Tiger’s eye is all about being sure and proud of who we are. You can use this stone when you have big projects or presentations. It is a stone that will let you be confident, grounded and intuitive at the sale time! It is like magic.

Tiger’s eye give us faith in out personal powers!

This stone is all about strength and power but in the same time it is silent… It brings all of our energy from within. This stone helps us as stay protected while helping us using our own personal powers and strength. This is the most amazing thing about tiger’s eye; it shows us where our powers are while making sure to stay protected and grounded.

How to mediate with tiger’s eye?

One of the easiest ways of working with tiger’s eye, especially when we want to work on our third eye charka is to meditate with the stone. Just place the stone on your forehead and feel the energy of the stone… simply feel the stone and allow it to take you places… just let go. Don’t resist any energy this stone tries to put it out for you. Again, if you feel that you dint get what you are asking or expecting from this stone the first time, relax… try again and again… it is a matter of habit. Letting go of the resistance will become easier and easier when we practice it. And if you feel that you need to ground yourself don’t hesitate to move the stone and place it onto your belly or even hold it tight into your hand and again… feel what this crystal has to offer you.

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