Grey Lace Agate Meaning and Properties

Grey Lace agate is about: Protection, Grounding, Recovery, Emotional stability, energising, encourages clear decisions, joy and laughter, balances Yin and Yang.

Grey Lace Agate Meaning and Properties

Grey Lace Agate is known to be the excellent crystal to remove attachment.

It represents the sacral Chakra. It is a very grounding stone since it is connected to our sacral and root chakra (less).

It is a very good stone that protect us from outside energies. It is like drawing a shield around ourselves. This is an interesting stone to use when we feel overwhelmed, drained and so much going on in our life, or after a long period of work and exhaustion.

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It is about feeling good in our body and going with the flow especially when we are going through difficult times. I suggest using this stone during these crazy times we are going through, collectively. This is where this grey agate comes to help us releasing the attachments, outer expectations and outcome that we were obsessing about. It plays a major role in letting us accept the ephemeral energies around us and not to get stuck in them or dragged to a bad place.

This stone is a very good stone for leaders. Leaders like to handle everything perfectly and they get mad when things get out of their control. This stone is the perfect stone for people with a leading character or handling leading jobs. So if you are having hard times and feeling the need to control, I suggest to start working and meditating with the Grey Lace Agate.

Since the Grey Lace Agate helps us decreasing our attachment to things, it helps us as well getting rid of what doesn’t serve us anymore. If you feel that something or any emotion or blockage is holding you back and refraining you from attaining any objective (emotional or physical), I suggest as well to meditate with this stone or even wear it and carry it in your bag.

Grey Lace Agate is the perfect stone as well for recovery. You have been through an exhausting period of time at work or with your family? This stones plays a major role in lifting you up and in motivating you not to stay in your fatigue zone.

Grey Lace Agate is an energising stone both physically and emotionally. It is a very good stone for emotional stability especially after crazy periods of emotional roller-coaster. This is due to its connection to the sacral Charka.

It is a stone of strength, especially emotional and physical strength. I suggest working with this stone on yourself and don’t share it with anyone else (at leat during the period of healing). This stone helps us balancing our emotional, physical and even intellectual energies.

As you we have discussed it is a stone of transformation and change. It combines both the intellectual and the emotional which is something important for a complete healing. This stone supports the change on all levels!

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Let’s not forget that this stone helps us balancing as well our Yin and Yang energies, just like a lot of other agate stones.

It is stone that helps us bringing back joy to our life… especially during crazy and chaotic periods.

It is a very good stone for decision making. Hold a piece of Grey Lace Agate if you are confused about how you feel about any matter or anything. Grey Lace Agate will help you connect immediately with your true emotions and again it is due its connection with the sacral chakra.

Lace Agate helps to strengthen and accelerate the repair of bones, thyroid deficiencies, throat and lymph infections.  It soothes red, sore eyes and any skin problems associated with redness and irritation.

Chakras – Sacral Chakra
Zodiac – Pisces, Virgo and Libra
Element – Earth, Fire
Typical colors – Grey, Dark Grey, Grey and white

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In few words Grey Lace agate is about:

  • Protection
  • Grounding
  • Recovery
  • Emotional stability
  • Energising
  • Encourages clear decisions
  • Joy and laughter
  • Balances Yin and Yang



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