Black Tourmaline Meaning and Properties

Black tourmaline meaning and properties

The one and only Stone for protection!

And who doesn’t know the most popular protective crystal! It is black tourmaline! It reduces fear and transmitting negative into positive energy. It increases focus

It is related with the root Chakra and help ground excess energy to the earth.

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It actually lowers of the electromagnetic vibrations coming from the technological machines. So if you work a lo in front of computers or screens, black tourmaline is a good stone for you. Black tourmaline helps reduce the amount of the electromagnetic frequencies by replacing them with calming ans soothing frequencies.

This stone is known for being able to deflect negative energy. It is all about that! You can sue this stone in your house, at work or at your business place. You can as well wear this stone or even carry it in your bag or pocket. The best way to use this stone, in my opinion, is to carry it in your purse or bag. Whether ou are heading to work or going for a business meeting, this stone will absorb all negativity around you. I have found real difference with and without the stone. Another way of suing this stone is as well placing it on your desk, next to your computer… But sometimes this option is not available, so be creating in finding the right spot for this stone.

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This stone is as well used for protection. It is a very very good stone for protection: physical and psychic. If you feel that you are in a way or in another targeted by any psychic attack or any unpleasant energetic attack, using this stone is the best solution to draw a shield around your physical body and your aura. To protect your house, the best place to put your back tourmaline is next to a window. The window is your connection with outside world and where air and luminosity get though the inside. So the black tourmaline works as a shield, blocking and preventing any kind of energy from getting inside.

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Black tourmaline is also used and place next your bed. It is a very protective stone even during the sleep. As mentioned before, this stone prevents from psychic attack and during sleep is when we are the most vulnerable. I would suggest placing a piece of black tourmaline or any kind of tourmaline next to your bed and at your desk or in your bag. In this way, you will be protecting yourself from any kind of situation where you are vulnerable or concentrated on something else.

It is a very good stone for focus and concentration!

It is very good stone for hard working people and for artists. Meditating even for a short time holding back tourmaline will ground you and bring your focus back. Not only your present focus for you to be able to continue working on your projets… But also black tourmaline reminds us why we initiated this projet and what’s our real intention. So it is a very helpful stone whenever we need to be reminded why a project is important for us.

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Beyond grounding yourself because of work or creative labor… Black tourmaline is also used whenever we are working on our spirituality especially when we put out  a lot of energy trying to connect with our ancestors or spiritual guides. Black tourmaline is the perfect stone to recover, spiritually. It grounds us spiritually… It is a very good stone for rituals because you shouldn’t loose your core self. It is a process of leaning about yourself. Make sure not to loose yourself especially when you are new to spirituality… Use a black tourmaline to come back here! Ground yourself.

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Black Tourmaline – also known as Schorl

Chakras – Base/root  Chakra
Zodiac – Capricorn
Element – Earth
Numerical vibration: 3, 4

This stone is found in China, India, brazil, Pakistan and Namibia.

In few words Black Tourmaline is about:

  • Protection
  • Grounding
  • Reduces Electromagnetic vibrations
  • Reduces low vibrations
  • absorbs negativity
  • Good luck
  • Happiness



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