You are safe



It all started when…

My life wasn’t really going in the right direction… My body was aching, my emotions were too negative, spiritually I was drained…

One day, 5 years ago, one of my friends took me with her to a shop where they sell stone and she bought me one… What I didn’t know is that this stone was the beginning of a happy, beautiful life full of joyful and happy moments (with its ups and downs surely), all of this surrounded by amazing energies from Stone and Crystals from all over the word.

Each Stone and Crystal connects me to an emotion, to a certain people, to a past, to a future, to a certain knowledge, feeling, hope, dream… reality.

I decided to share all the beautiful energy I soak in every day… that beautiful and positive energy despite all the ups and downs of our physical reality.

Please do enjoy our shop. You will find Stone, Crystals, Natural Herbs, Monthly surprise box, Gift cards, Pendulums, Accessories, Charms, Candles, Organic Soap, Incense, Smudge sticks…

YOU ARE LOVED! Yes you are.